About Us

THE GAUDIN AUTOMOTIVE GROUP is a nationally recognized leader in automotive parts and service since 1923. We are a family of employees who are committed to unequaled excellence and total customer satisfaction.

Our Mission is to achieve customer loyalty by continuously improving the way we make the customer the focus of everything we do.

Our team takes great pride in demonstrating integrity and professionalism so as to exceed our customer’s expectations and stand alone in our industry as the role model for others to follow.

We shall serve each customer as we ourselves would like to be served.

Together, we shall continue the growth and prosperity of the company and its valued employees.

Gaudin Ford is the back to back repeat winner of the President's Award from Ford Motor Company and Nevada's only Top 100 Ford Dealer. What does this translate to for you? Simple. When it comes to Customer Satisfaction you will not find another Ford Dealer that compares.

With the announcement of Gaudin receiving the Triple Crown again this past year, this also means that as far as Customer Service and Sales are concerned, Gaudin is the absolute Leader. For over 91 years they have prided themselves on never losing a Deal over Price or Payment and they do not plan on starting any time soon.